Monday, August 29, 2011


Sing along with me!

(Tune of Jingle Bells)
Tell me what it means?
Jesus first, yourself last and others in between!

Great little song with a catchy tune ... remembering to give others preference is a good thing, and teaching our children to do it at an early age is even better!  There are many little and big things we can do to let others know they are important in our lives.  From opening the door for someone, to letting them ahead of us in line.  Sending cards, emails or making the phone calls. 

What will our lives look like when we live a life following the golden rule?  How will it change us as we go about our day?  How will it look when we speak to our husband, to our children, to those we come in contact with each day?  Ask ourselves these questions:

  • Do others feel better after they have been with us? 
  • Do we make them feel good?
  • Do we make them feel better about themselves?
  • Do we make them feel more important? 
Aren’t those all ways in which we would like to be treated? 

We often gravitate towards people who build us up.  Remember that people often won’t remember exactly what you said or exactly what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.  If we change one life today for the better, we have changed the world because the influence we have had on that life influences the lives around her.  A person who is made to feel good is more willing to do something nice for someone else.

I love this quote!  We are not a storage system for God’s love, but an irrigation system – God’s love flows through us and we can pass it on to others!

Remember J-O-Y!

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