Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Questions

I just wanted to pose 3 quick questions.  I'll be exploring these in the next few weeks, someone posed them to me back in the month of March, and as a friend of mine says, I put them in my "hummmm box".  Something I've been contemplating for a while and every once in a while just say hum.

  1. Who are you following? 
  2. Who are you connecting with?
  3. Who are you collecting?
For the first question, think of your mentors and people you admire and look up to.  These can be real in the flesh people, friends who have passed from this life, or even Bible characters.  I hope they're not celebrities and politicians.

Question two, think of your associates, your peers, those you spend the most time with.  Finally for the third question, who looks up to you, is watching you, admiring you?

Think on this, and I hope to have some further discussion soon.

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