Saturday, October 8, 2011

You deserve it!

My thoughts aren't completely together on this one yet, however I'd love to hear other's views too. 

So often in today's world we hear people say to each other - go ahead and do that "whatever" ... you deserve it!  Go ahead, take that trip away from your husband and children to hang out with your girlfriends;  you deserve it.  Go ahead, and spend that extra money you really don't have on that dress that isn't really decent; you deserve it. 

Everytime I hear those words, I think of "me, me, me, me, me" and that is just not how I am supposed to be.  To me, this phrase just reaks of selfishness. 

These statements don't mean that I am against a mother or wife having some time alone, but I guess what I'm thinking of is at the heart of the matter.  If we are seeking something extra in our lives that just isn't there, we need to consider what we fill it with. 

When Jesus went away alone, He was communicating with His Father.  Jesus took time for rest for His body and soul and for prayer and meditation.  Perhaps, instead of craving a worldly solution to our emptiness, we seek the holy.  It will make us a much better wife, mother, sister, friend anyway.

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